• Ball to be played with paddle only
  • No use of hands, feet or head to advance ball
  • Ball can only be played while standing up, no kneeling or in the water passes or shots.
  • No goalie in front of the goal allowed, all players must be paddling
  • No international contact with another player by striking paddles, or boards.


  • Teams of 3 players each with 1 alternate substitute
  • Each team may make 1 substitute per half


  • 6 sup polo board
  • 6 sup polo paddle
  • 1 sup polo ball
  • 2 goals (3m x 0.9 m)
  • 1 regulation (field) 20m x 25m

Duration of the Game:

  • 2x 10 min halves (teams to change sides at halftime)
  • 5 min halftime
  • (1) 5 minute over time
  • If game tied after end of overtime, each player will shoot 1 shot at goal from midfield – the most goals wins.
  • If still tied, each team will take a shot in sudden death shoot-out – team who scores first wins.

Minor Fouls:

  • Use hand or feet to block or advance ball – opposing team gets ball at point of foul.
  • Running into another team players board or stepping on another players board- opposing team receives ball at point of contact.
  • A player is positioned in front of goal without paddling and acting as a goalie – opposing team receives the ball.
  • Kneeling while passing the ball or retrieving ball from the water while player is in the water – opposing team receives ball at point of foul.

Major Fouls:

  • Intentionally charging another players board  with your board – 1 min penalty assessed.
  • Using hands or feet or head to block goal from being scored – penalty shot from midfield.
  • Player is standing in front of goal (blocking), without paddling, shot is taken and blocked – penalty shot from midfield.
  • When penalty shots are taken, all players must be behind player taking shot at midfield.
  • Any player receiving 3 (1 min) penalties is disqualified. Team will play remainder of the game with only 2 players.